Our Approach

Media planning and buying is as much about science as it is about the humanities.

Data, metrics, research, analysis…all of these measurements and insight tools are the basis for a powerful media strategy. But understanding human behavior, how people will predictably react to something based on their values and priorities is equally important. Media Matters Worldwide prioritizes technology–in fact, we invest heavily in our in-house technology stack–to help develop successful media campaigns, while MMWW media experts also leverage our collective understanding of human behavior to ensure we achieve our clients’ campaign goals.


Our approach to campaign strategy begins with a data-first point of view. We analyze current audience and historical performance data and pair this analysis with competitive and audience universe research. This process of planning from the inside out guides how our team identifies audience segments and the most efficient media and channels for your communication strategy and purchase path.


Our tech-savvy team continually vets best-of-breed technology companies to upgrade our media plans and ensure a data-centric, targeted approach. While we prefer long-term partnerships with technology vendors, we remain steadfastly technology agnostic, allowing us to recommend the best solutions for our clients.


Our real-time customized dashboard means a client’s KPIs are readily available in a visual format and optimizations are developed through a holistic marketing lens. CRM and website analytics are also integrated to provide a 360-degree view of each campaign.


In giving our clients easy access to every step of the planning, buying, and optimization processes, we are inviting their collaboration and empowering them to make smarter marketing decisions.