About Media Matters Worldwide

Curiosity. Discovery. Expertise. Mastery.

Media Matters Worldwide is an independent media planning, buying, and analytics agency with an audience-first, data-driven, client-centric, and people-first approach. Founded and led by industry pros Taji Zaminasli and Josy Amann, MMWW was born out of holding company veterans who wanted to develop a better way to partner and service clients. We built our agency with a best of breed team, developing a modern agency model that brings together a culture of client service, forward-thinking media & analytics with a supportive, collaborative team committed to growing brands and, ultimately, driving sales.

Our workforce has been fully remote since 2005 and our client leads each have a minimum of ten years of client-facing management experience, so we’re able to bring nuanced, fresh ideas to the table, industry-best understanding of all areas of media and the relationships with the partners that matter to drive meaningful business results for your brand no matter where you’re located.

Media Strategy Services Portland

We believe in data. AudienceHistoricalPerformance. It gives our team the tools to develop sound media strategies and identify the most efficient media and channels. Data is also the foundation of our media planning process and guides the entire purchase path to ensure the successful execution of your communications campaign.

Powerful Partnerships

We firmly believe the key to enduring success is consistency. That’s why we build lasting relationships with employees and service companies that, in turn, help us maintain long-term partnerships with our clients.

Investments in Safety

Today more than ever, media transparency is vital. MMWW invests in fraud and safety protections and top-tier viewability providers to ensure high-quality, trustworthy, and totally legitimate media placements.

Marketing Foresight

It’s never too soon to start thinking about a client’s future marketing needs. At MMWW, we like to stay one step ahead and closely collaborate with clients to develop a program that works today but is also scalable and flexible.